Work in Progress (WIP)

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I have 2 WIP canvas’s going. One is 30×30″ and the other is 36×36″ I tend to lean towards the squares, I like them a lot. Funny story… I was at Binders getting canvas’s 70% off a week ago. I was so excited, I was going to get some big ones that I have never worked on before. So I got a super big one… a 48×48″, I was giddy with excitement. I picked 3 other ones too, smaller but still large. WELL I purchased my canvas’s, had an employee help me to my car with these large canvas’s. I get my other three in my car, it was time for the 48×48″, it wouldn’t fit in the trunk, I didn’t think it would but it would certainly fit in the back seat for sure… NOPE! It was an inch too big!! I was devastated! Talk about my bubble bursting. So we went back in, head down in defeat. I returned the 48×48″ and asked about a 40×40″ canvas and to my surprise they had one! So I snatched it up and it fit beautifully in my car. I learned a valuable lesson that day, I can only paint on canvas’s that will fit in my car. (and with out kids in the back seat!!!) I am saving that 40×40 for Flora Bowleys course in October, can’t wait!


OK, here is one of my canvas’s, its a 30×30″ and where it took me surprised me.

This is Layer 1… Warm colors and a hint of green, just had to.



Layer 2, I added texture to the piece, molding paste and joint tape which is my favorite!



Layer 3… Cool Colors. By the time I was done with this layer I thought… Ick!


Then I added more warm colors to try to tame down the piece a bit. Still not liking it but having fun!


Another layer of blues and greens.



I saw a bird, my bird, my shamanic bird peaking through at me.



I then defined the bird some more. This is where I am in the piece when I think to myself… I don’t want to mess it up and I am afraid to move on.



I had these triangles in the piece earlier and I brought them out some more. Used a new color to add some punch. Not sure where I am going to go from here. I feel a little stuck, its not done, I may start with the feathers and see where that leads me. Usually that helps, just getting myself into the piece again and see where it takes me.



And there you have it, I will keep you posted on how it ends up. I feel like it still has a little ways to go. I like the journey it has taken me on so far.

Until next time!

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  1. Kelly Hudson

    I loved looking at the photos and watching your journey! I just recently took Flora Bowley’s True Bloom class and I’m working on a few paintings myself. You have inspired me to do a post soon to show my progress. Thank you


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