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So where is the art in all of this? I keep on asking myself this question, I have not painted since November of 2014. Now that I sit and ponder on this question once again I now believe all of this self discovery has been part of my art. Yes, I would paint what is going on in my life, paint to get my emotions and feelings out of me and onto the canvas. To present my soul for all of you to see. But where has it been? Where did my creative outlet go? Its like I have been hibernating and now that spring is here I am getting ready to start blooming again and express myself. Not all has been lost, even though I have not been painting I have not stifled my creativity. I have been busy, you see, I have been working on my creative side in a different way. I have been exploring how to make my paintings, my love for art, my love to express myself and discovering, my love to share/teach, how to share it with the world, how to have it sustain myself and my girls in this next phase in my life. I am very excited about it and will be taking you along on my journey. I am currently in an amazing Creative Biz course led by Mati Rose. I have been learning so much on who I am as an artist, what I want to explore and share. I am soon going to be starting another adventure and take Jennifer Louden’s Teach Now course. Yes I am going to teach! Teach about the creative process, painting and a lot more. The idea of teaching has been whispering to me for years now and I keep on getting stuck on the how, I never taught before and then this course fell into my lap when I was deciding this is really something I want to do and do it now. What about the painting you ask, well my dry spell will finally be broken, I am also going to further my knowledge on intuitive painting and take Chris Zydel’s course Painting with Fire! Yes! I believe I needed this down time to really think about what I want to do and how do I want to do it. It’s funny how things start falling into place when you have a clear idea on what you want to do, the “how to” starts to present itself and all you have to do is be aware and open to the possibilities.  Am I scared? Well Yea! I am entering a totally new phase in my life, a phase of even more self discovery, self awareness and being a student along with being a teacher. But with that fear I am so excited, excited for the possibilities! I have no idea what the future has planned for me but for the first time in a long time I am very excited about it. So take my hand and follow me on this amazing journey I have just embarked on.

2 thoughts on “Where is the art?

  1. Teresa

    Self discovery is THE BEST form of creativity…..cuz until you find yourself, all creative expressions will just be approximations……….and yet…….living loving proof of your journey to the soul. Great post! PS I find that when I paint, I can’t write, and when I write, I can’t paint. Do you find this too?

    1. Janine Post author

      Thank you Teresa! I don’t have that problem with writing and painting, but that is so interesting! Thank you for sharing. xoxox


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