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This week I feel like I made a big step towards my dream of sharing my love of art. I purchased a camcorder to record me painting, so I can share my process in my e-course. My goal is to time lapse me painting a piece from start to finish. How exciting! As you might know my ex husband is in the motion picture industry so video taping is right up his ally. Something I have no experience with. Something he always took care of. So here I am trying to figure out what camera would be good for me, what supplies I need and how do I actually do this! HA! I have not figure it all out yet but I did get a camcorder, batteries, memory card and a tripod. I am now trying to see if I have enough room behind me to actually have a tripod! I may need to make a shelf to put the camera on. We shall see. I need to do test shots to see what I have to work with space wise.

I am sitting here looking at what I have set up, looking at my studio, looking at where I was and were I am heading. Getting this camcorder was a big step for me. It was like I was telling the universe, here I am, I am doing this, no looking back now! And what do I feel? Excitement!  Every step of this journey so far has been filled with such excitement and fear. One minute I am so excited for what is to be and then the next I am so scared, what am I doing? What am I getting myself into? I don’t know what I am doing, I don’t know how to do this. Even with those thoughts I still have big plans for the future. Workshops, live classes, traveling the possibilities are endless really. So much hope. Hope… funny, that was the word I picked in January for this year.

So I leave you with photos of my studio, of my world, a world I live in everyday and one that I love. Where as my girls like to say… Where Magic Happens… I agree.

Welcome to my Studio…IMG_6589


My home.IMG_6584

Where the magic happens.



The most Amazing Bean Bag!!! I have had many naps here. 🙂



My Desk.

IMG_6585My Alter.


One thought on “Welcome to my Studio

  1. Shelly Fernandes

    I’m so jealous of your art studio, love it! I don’t even have an area to set up my art table! Miss ya!


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