Update on “My Search for Representation”

Back in November I wrote a blog post called My Search for Representation. I created these cards with a photo of a piece of art with the info on the front and a short bio on the back. Here is a shot from that post…

Cards 1

So that month I started looking for anyplace that would display my work. I drove all over the place handing out my cards. I got great responses to my cards but nothing became of it. Then I posted on FB asking if anyone knew of a place that displayed local art to let me know. Well a friend of mine responded and told me about this coffee shop called Rev Coffee Roasters in Smyrna GA. So I took the road trip, it was about an hour from me, and I checked out this coffee shop. It was very cool, I loved the look and feel of it and left a card package. With in about 2 hours I got a call from the owner, they wanted to display my work. I was so happy! The first slot they had was July. I took it! As we all know, time flies by and I knew before I knew it July would be here. Well around the first of June I get a message asking me if I could do June too, someone backed out. Of course I say but I had some odds and ends to finish up on some of my pieces and it was going to be Riley’s birthday party that weekend so I couldn’t go until Tuesday maybe Monday. Originally I was going to scope out the place in June and take measurements so I knew what I had to work with. Since I was putting my work up sooner I didn’t get that chance to measure everything out so I ended up loading my car up with 12 pieces and went this past Monday to put up my work. I took my 2 girls with me and we arrive around 6:30pm. I thought it was going to be empty, not really, they had a good amount of people in there working, eating and drinking their coffee. Oh Boy, how was I going to do this, I didn’t have any idea what I was going to put up where. I started with one screen and had to move furniture around and got some work up… I ended up having to ask 5 people to move for a short while so I could put up my work. The customers were very accommodating and had no problem with me working in their space. I also had some people come up to me liking the work which of course felt real good. We ended up putting up 10 pieces. I had my girls help me with letting me know if the painting were straight or even or what ever they saw. It was really cool to share that experience with them. I moved some around and showed them why it worked one way and not another compositionally wise. I loved every moment of it and being able to do it with them warmed my heart. What a great way to show them to go after their dreams, that if you keep on trying something good will come of it. They are also aware of all the places I have gotten rejected from. Which by the way is much more than the acceptances. I hope they take my experience and go after their dreams when they grow up. No matter what the odds are, or how off the beaten track it is, to go after their dreams. So if your in the Atlanta area, stop on by Rev Coffee Roasters, enjoy their great coffee and some artwork!

As you know I love to end my posts with a question for you. What I would love for you to think about is what is that one thing you have always wanted to do. What dream did you have that you never acted on but still think about? What would fill your heart? Take that idea and run with it. Maybe its taking a higher education class in painting or pottery or what ever you have dreamt of doing.  I’m not saying to drop everything you are doing but to somehow take what fills your heart and incorporate it into your life. You never know where it will take you. xoxo

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6 thoughts on “Update on “My Search for Representation”

  1. Kathy Adams

    Congratulations! It looks like a really cool place for your art also. Your work really brightens up the place. I hope you get lots of sales form your venture.
    I recently got info on displaying my work in a little cafe. My work is so small though, I need to start working bigger to fill the large walls.

    1. Janine Post author

      Thank you!!! Congratulations on displaying your work! How exciting! Don’t worry about size, I am sure it will look amazing!!!

  2. Jane Ross


    Just saw your FB post and jumped over to your blog. Your pieces a so vibrant and exciting. Love the way you have them hung. The coffee shop looks like a fun place to visit as well. Wishing you luck in the sales dept and also congratulate you on sticking to it. Wonderful that you could share this teachable event with your children. Good luck.

    1. Janine Post author

      Thank you!! The coffee shop is so fun and I wish I lived closer to it! I would go often! I think its so great when a local shop displays local art. What a cool way to support each other!

  3. Arpi Krikorian

    Congratulations Janine for taking the reigns on your dreams! Your work is very beautiful and fits with the vibe of the cool environment. I wish you great success and please keep sharing your inspirational story!


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