Upcoming Shows

There will be 2 solo shows coming up here in Atlanta before moving up to Massachusetts.

December 2017

Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore

“Expressions from Within”
The art of intuitive painting

Opening reception: Sunday December 3rd from 4:30-6:00pm
5531 Roswell Road NE., Atlanta 30342, 404-255-5207

What is Intuitive Art? My favorite explanation was written by Chris Zydel. She said “Intuitive art is the practice of meditating with a brush in your hand.” I couldn’t agree more.

It’s the whole idea of letting go, trusting in oneself and the process without thought, just feelings. Your gut leading the way, you surrender to it and go where it leads you. You then end up seeing and feeling in ways you’ve never expected.

It’s the process of letting Spirit take over, being in the moment and letting each brush stroke, each move lead you to the next. Then when you’re done, you step back and take in what’s in front of you. Sometimes when I do that I start to wonder, where did that come from?

My painting journey starts with the beautiful white canvas which is filled with such possibility and opportunities of play, expression and learning. I start with what is calling to me at the time, what colors are screaming to be let out and played with, what techniques do I want to experiment with and how do I want to add texture. I start off by layering with acrylic paints, inks and materials like molding paste and joint tape. Each new layer calling for something different and covering up bits and parts of the previous layers. With each layer Spirit guiding me until the painting reveals itself and comes to life. At that moment, it’s all bubbled up and ready to spill over and I strive to capture it all before it does. 

This exhibit will display all areas of my heart and soul through my love for color, texture and pure expression.

The show will be up the month of December. The gallery is located in the back of the store where they hold meditations and classes. You’re free to go in at any time the door is open. You can check out their website to see when that room will be used and can plan your visit accordingly.



May 2018

Aurora Theatre

Meet the Artist: May 5th between the 2 evening shows. Time to be determined, come back for updates on time.
128 East Pike Street, Lawrenceville, 3004, 678.226.6222

The show will be up the month of May in the lobby area of the theatre.