The Perfect Storm


So this past Sunday I went to visit a friend. As I drive to her house I notice the black clouds all around me. A huge storm is coming. Now I Love thunder storms, the pouring rain, (when I’m not driving in it) and the energy it brings. To my surprise when I get to her house she had planned for us to sit outside in the back porch area which is covered. I was so excited, I don’t have a covered area outside to sit under while it rains. We sat and talked and experienced the power of this amazing storm. The bright lightening, the demanding thunder and the fluid pouring of the rain. I loved the sounds of the rain hitting all of the different surfaces around us and the energy that was filling the air the more it rained and thundered. It just filled my soul. It must of stormed for an hour and wow was it energizing! If it wasn’t for the lightening I might of ran and danced in it. I’ve always loved storms, even when I was working outside in the theme parks during the hot summer months in Florida. We would get a quick storm each day around 3. Its like a releasing of sorts. The cleansing of the soul, making room for whats to come. As I sit here thinking about that storm it makes me think about what am I releasing, what am I making room for, what powerful energy am I bringing into my life.

So its Summer Break here in Georgia. The kids have been out of school for about 2 weeks now and the excitement of no school is starting to wear off. My usually work schedule is a bit off kilter, OK, way off kilter which is frustrating me. I am currently trying to release my high expectations of what I can get done in my week now that its summer break. As my therapist told me this week, this is one of the hard parts of being a single mom. So I’m trying to release these expectations and be ok with it, which is not an easy task for this perfectionist. That is another thing I need to release… Perfection, there is no such thing so why do I expect to attain it. Why do I have such high expectations of myself… Okay that may be a whole other conversation for another day. 🙂

So right now, today, this week, this month I am trying to go with the flow, living life one day at a time, no high expectations, no perceived notions on what I should be doing right now, what I need to be doing at this moment and can’t and beating myself up because of it. Trusting that what needs to get done will get done, maybe not right now, maybe tomorrow or next week. Trusting that once I release all of these unhealthy expectations all will fall into place.

Now that I am working on releasing all of that tension that has been building, what am I making room for? What powerful energy am I bringing into my life? I am making room for big change. Have you ever felt like you are on the edge of something big. Something that will take you to the next phase of you life? I feel that way now. It’s so exciting and scary at the same time. The whole idea if me teaching is scary to me but liberating. I have thought about doing it for years now just never felt like I could do it. I have had lots of hints from the Universe and I have recently given in and started that journey. What amazing energy it has brought to my life so far, the excitement, the learning and research, the new people I am meeting, the ideas of whats to come next, even though I have barely started creating this course. Seeing all the support I have, everyone who has faith in me and are happy for me is so heart warming and amazing.

So the next time it is storming outside think about what you need to release, what are you releasing at that moment in that storm, what intentions do you have for your future. What are you making room for, what powerful energy do you need to bring into your life. And if there is no thunder or lightening, go out in it and dance.

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  1. Henrietta

    Lovely post Janine, I love storms too, so full of pent up energy. Invigorating and space clearing….. WE had one a couple of weeks ago and I felt much better afterwards…


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