My Search for Representation

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I have already started taking you on my journey of being an artist, a mother, dealing with depression and divorce. I am now going to take you on my current journey of trying to find a gallery to represent me. Before I start I must acknowledge that I do have my abstract art at Synergy Fine Art Gallery in Rowswell GA. It’s a co-op gallery, which means, you pay for wall space, you then hang what you want on that wall. You need to participate in events and watching the gallery. Like other galleries they also take a percentage of your sales when you do sell a painting. Synergy has been very accommodating to me since I have not been able to participate in events and watching the gallery since I am a single mom. They are run by 2 amazing women who want to help local artist succeed.

I am currently on the search of finding a gallery that wants to represent me, By having an exhibit. My dream right now is to have a solo show which means only my work is on display. They also do group shows which have a few artists’ works on display and I would love that too! Most galleries plan a year in advance what exhibits they will have.

So what I have done is I made postcard size cards, had them printed at, on the front shows one of my pieces with name, size and medium. On the back is a bio about me and my work along with my contact information. I had 5 cards made with 5 different pieces. I then wrapped them up with ribbon and attached my business card to the back.

What I plan on doing with them is dropping them off at galleries that I think my work will fit. I also asked friends on FB to tell me of restaurants and coffee houses that display local artist. I am going to try them first. I was lucky and got a nice list of places to try.

So here we go! I am starting my search of representation and see if I can get my work on display at either a gallery, coffee shop or restaurant. When that happens I will let you know. Even if it doesn’t happen I will keep you posted. I dropped off one of my packets last week at a restaurant. I got a great response. Now we will see if it worked!

Wish me luck!!!

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5 thoughts on “My Search for Representation

  1. Lora

    You go woman! Great idea to get your work and name out there, when (if) I have enough art to show, I will be following your foot-steps 🙂


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