Saying YES

When you say Yes, the universe helps you.


It has been a long and trying week since my last post. I had to get strong and stand up for what was right for me and my girls. I then had to deal with my own distraught feelings on how I dealt with the situation and hoped I did it with integrity. I had to surrender to my fears and share them with liked minded women. I embarked on a new adventure with a Creative Biz course that I am so excited about and pouring my heart and soul into. I was also extremely blessed by one of those liked minded women to see that I needed help and was able to help me by noticing that we may be a good fit and I am now working with her as a graphic designer.

I am not here to write about the details of what has happened this past week, or to point fingers at who was wrong and how I was wronged. Instead I want to write about last night. Write about what I decided to do about it and what I said Yes to.

Last night I journeyed for a friend, it was amazing and I had not done it in so long that it felt like a homecoming. It made me realize how I need to pay more attention to my spiritual side and journey/meditate more, like every day or night really. After I journeyed and wrote down what I needed to for my friend I sat in silence, in meditation. It felt so good. I then started feeling empowered, I started thinking about what do I want to say Yes to. And this is what happened. I said Yes to taking responsibility of my life. Taking responsibility of your life doesn’t mean admitting fault or labeling someone else’s faults towards you. You are where you are because of circumstances that may or may not have been in your control. Even if they were out of your control you still have the opportunity to take responsibility of it and figure out how are you now going to continue with your life. So at that moment of taking responsibility I said Yes to no longer feeling like the victim, I am who I am because of the things that I have been through and I am ok with it. I am saying Yes to growth, growth to my graphic design career, growth in my painting career, to my life as a single mom. To say I am a single mom without feeling that sadness because even though I didn’t want it, I was made a single mom. Saying Yes to independance but also to accepting when I need support/help. That needing support/help is not a bad thing. Saying Yes to moving forward in this path with eyes wide open. To staying true to myself, to speaking my truth, to learning and growing and then teaching what I have learned so I can empower other women. Empower other single moms to be OK with their life and taking responsibility. Saying Yes to showing my girls how to be an empowered woman, single mom or not, it doesn’t matter. Saying Yes to taking control when I can and surrendering when I can’t. Saying Yes to surrender.

Wow, that was a lot of saying Yes and it felt a bit overwhelming, like I may have just took a bigger bite than I can handle. Then I thought saying Yes is also about chances, putting myself out there and accepting what happens. So then I thought about saying Yes to my artist block, learning from it, embracing it instead of thinking of it as a bad thing, a negative and think on what I need to learn from it. What opportunities has it give me.

After I was done I felt so empowered, so free and at peace. So right and true to myself. Saying Yes to me, to self love, to taking care of myself. What an amazing thing to say. What an amazing path I am on now.

So my question to you today is, what are you saying Yes to?


I say YES to me

2 thoughts on “Saying YES

  1. Judy Millard

    What a huge step forward!! I am filled with admiration for you and in awe of the strong, responsible, and thoughtful role model you are providing for your girls!

  2. Nya

    I am so Proud of you but also….this is exactly what I needed right in this moment. Thank you for inspiring me with your strength!


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