Painting Day

Today is one of those painting days, where you have time to paint, your all excited and nothing seems to go right. Its a struggle and you doubt everything you do. I finally had to stop to take a breather. I think I wiped off more paint than I left on! I have a great thing for that too, baby wipes! I love them, if you put something on the canvas and you know immediately you don’t like it you can grab a baby wipe and wipe off what you don’t like. I have noticed that you need to be working with good paint, like Golden or Liquitex because if its the cheap kind the baby wipe will wipe off the dried paint too.

So here is the continuation of my bird painting.

So here are my dark triangles, I had dots in them and it made them look like Christmas Trees so I covered them up and it got a bit dark. I was also struggling with the dark triangles not sure if I was liking them and asked for advice from artistic friends that I value their opinion. A few of them thought the middle triangle was a bit distracting, I agreed.



My attempt to cover it up… I also had this idea of a diamond shape, but what to do with it?



At this point I am thinking, I really messed it up, I should of left it. I kept on trying new things and nothing was working. So I took out my baby wipes and wiped away!



And here is where I left it. I like the idea of the diamond shapes being something like jewelry or a design on the body. If it was up to me I would cut the canvas in half. I really like the top part, its the bottom and middle part that I am not in love with.

As I sit here writing I got an idea… hmmmm… I may have to use some chalk and see if it works. I’ll let you know.



I had to add this photo… My drafting table. Yes that is Broccoli and celery and a mushroom top you see. I learned today that Broccoli makes a really cool mark when using it with Fluid Paint!! So fun!



One thought on “Painting Day

  1. Lisa

    I like the new diamond in the middle. It was looking a bit dark at first. Maybe do something with the triangles on either side?


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