New Beginnings and Growth

Fall is starting to makes it arrival here in GA, the trees are starting to show their magical colors and the air is starting to get crisper. It’s by far my favorite time of year. Shedding the old to prepare for the new.

A weekend ago I burned my journal, the one I told you about in the blog called Evening pages. It was done and time to move on. The whole experience was amazing. My close friends were their holding space for me with such love. As I was getting ready to burn it, all of my emotions started bubbling over. I threw it in the fire and stared… I had an urge to grab it, I put so much time and soul into those pages. As I sat back and watched it was like a piece of me was burning and it felt well painful at first but then before my eyes the journal started puffing up to what looked like a beautiful flower and at that point I knew I was going to be OK. That part of my life is now over and it is time to move on. How refreshing. And to experience that with such love all around me was something I will not forget.

To go along with my rebirth I will be sharing the progress of a painting that I just finished called Growing, it’s a 30” x 30” canvas piece. What it means to me is freedom and growth. The small bird represents me, an old version of me, what I used to be, looking up at another version of me, the new me soaring. I feel like the small version of me is starting to get smaller and smaller inside and the part of me soaring is starting to take over. It’s a very exciting time, cleaning out the old and in a way starting my new life.

Thank you for holding space for me and letting me share this exciting time with you.































































Growing LR









One thought on “New Beginnings and Growth

  1. Margarita Warner

    I wish I could be there with you ! My best wishes with all my heart on your rebirth. 😉
    I am sure very exiting moments full of joy and new experiences will come to you as a woman ,as a mother and as an artist!


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