New Beginnings

Last night I finally put the finishing touches on my Phoenix. That final thought I had in the last blog worked and I am liking it! What a journey this piece has taken me on. I finished her last night, during the new moon. A time for new beginnings.

Talking about new beginnings I started an e-course with Tracy Verdugo, her Paint Mojo course, it started yesterday and I am getting ready to dive in! I will be posting what we do in her course throughout the next 6 weeks. She even has poetry prompts too… we shall see how that goes!

My kids are experiencing new beginnings too, my youngest, Riley, who was having such a hard time making friends in a new school finally came home with excitement that she has made some friends! I was so happy for her and my heart just warmed up. She had been struggling with the newness of school and wanting to fit in.

My oldest, Madeline, has been struggling with reading and math for years now. This year has been no different. With the new school the old schools strategies were not being implemented and she is failing. I got to talk to her teacher yesterday and we are going to start getting her some help with-in the school with SST and IEP or EIP… I get confused with that But I am so happy she is finally going to start getting the help she needs. Madeline is the hardest working person I know, and to work so hard and not do well gets her so upset, understandably.

I guess that leaves me, my new beginnings for the season, I am in the process of looking for more graphic design work, something I can do while the kids are in school since my oldest needs me home for homework after school. I’m looking for either more freelance work or part time work. I’m also looking for places to display my art. I need to find some coffee shop or really anywhere that I can display my work. Been looking into galleries but I have not found a fit yet. If any of you know of a fit let me know! I am open to anything. 🙂

What are your new beginnings? I would love to hear them.

Until next time! Aho


3 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Margarita warner

    Hi! Janine! I am glad your daugthers are doing well that makes any mother happy and gives the power to do more beatifull art! I am begining again into my yoga and meditation everyday,is been a time that I stop doing it . And yesterday was the day! Finaly and it was a new moon!!!! New begining I a, sure! That sound so exiting for me. I found out diferents exercises on kundalini yoga special for artist that needs to keep in a good shape our mind ,our thoughts and creativity.
    I had this book since 8 years ago and it is increrible I just relize this page yesterday!

  2. Lisa

    That came out really nice J9! Looks like a fierce Phoenix! I am so happy to hear that you are forging forward gracefully. I’m really digging the new moon, new begginings


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