Hello! I am Janine and I’m an intuitive acrylic painter. I begin my work without any preconceived ideas of what the finished work is going to look like. Each painting is a journey, ending at a beautiful destination. When I’m done with a piece its like each painting is giving me a message from my soul. My paintings are made with lots of color and textures. Each new painting reveals its own tendencies and surprises as it comes to life. I see art as a window which allows the viewer not only to connect with the artist, but allows for personal introspection as well. As each person sees a work of art through the window of their own experiences, each of us sees art differently. I feel that a person’s artistic path is a constantly changing and is a growing organism, and that fulfillment comes from the journey.

What I love about painting is what happens when you are in that special place, the zone, where you hear nothing and your just painting from the soul. I find that each painting tells me what i need to hear or understand in my life. It tells me what is going on in my life, what I may be missing or what seems obvious and sometimes it has some hidden meaning that I don’t catch on to until months later. Its such an amazing process. Another love of mine is texture. I will add molding paste to add texture, I will also add joint tape or book text or music sheets, what ever calls to me at the time to give it that extra bit of depth or texture.

I am also a mother of two living in Massachusetts. After graduating with a Fine Arts Degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1996, I moved to the Atlanta area where I worked as a Graphic Designer for over 20 years, http://janineadamodesigns.com. About 6 years ago I come full circle and started spending my time doing what I love, paint in my home studio and share my work and journey with the world. Since then I have been in numerous arts festivals around the Atlanta area. My work has been in galleries like Artevaggio Art Gallery, Synergy Fine Art Gallery, Hudgens Center for the Arts, Arts Clayton Gallery, Johns Creek Art Center and a solo exhibit at Phoenix and Dragon. I also had a feature article in the Northside Women Magazine written up about my journey and the role my art has played in my life and I was also a featured artist on the Artevaggio Art Gallery’s site.