Letting Go

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 50 mg spedizione veloce a Torino I saw this photo posted on FB today and it reminded me of my divorce. You see, yesterday I got the final paperwork, the decree saying its final, its done, I am no longer married. Wow what emotions that piece of paper brought up. I am now officially Janine Marie Adamo. I guess its bitter sweet because I always loved my maiden name better. But that paper officially ended a chapter in my life. Today I start new, a single mom and its scary to be honest. Even though I did not want the divorce, I am thinking my marriage was dead since he did. Even with all the therapy and talks it had died long ago. Its just that my pesky depression hid it from me. But you know what, Fall is my favorite time of year, I just love the colors and the crisp air. And what better way to learn a lesson, to see it from the beauty of fall.

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  1. Rhonda Barber

    informazioni viagra generico a Genova Fall is my favorite time of year. And yes in order for all of us to grow we must die or let go of parts of us that are not enriching our soul. Every thing on this earth does this if you view it so. Change is growth. We can all choose to grow in the direction of best for us. That direction can be hard to find and also often a whirlwind of storms along the way. but deep inside we all know which direction that is. peace to you my friend…I am proud of you. Rhonda


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