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This past weekend was a tough one. My girls and I recently moved out of a house and area we loved because of my divorce. Its not final yet but soon will be. This past weekend I met up with my soon to be ex husband at the old house to move the last bit of stuff to each of our new places. We worked together and seemed to have fallen into comfortable patterns which then felt odd. I know that about 50% of us get divorced and its not a new concept but wow, its so new to me. I don’t like it but I am doing my best to move on. Now the fun part! I found my old Barbie Dolls!! Yes Barbie from the 70’s, the clothes and styles were so fun to see and who would of known that Barbie could bring some fun and light to a hard day. My girls who were so bored dove in and had a great time setting up Barbies stuff and playing.

Barbies Stuff Playing with BarbieHow cool it was to see my girls play with dolls that I played with for hours and hours. It brightened my day to be able to share that with them. Made me think about all the things I share with them, little things like Barbie and big things like this divorce. I know it brings us closer and helps us grow as a family and individually. It’s our journey and we will make it.

I’ve also started 2 canvas’s that I will share my process with you next time. Here’s my palette for layer one. Until next time. Aho.


3 thoughts on “Fun Find

  1. jed margarette

    barbie dolls are good motivations on how beautiful life can be…dolls live in a perfect life! but it doesnt change the fact that they are just dolls……:-D

  2. Beth Figiel

    Janine you are inspiring to more women that you will probably ever know of. Share your Art and story it needs to be told.
    Abundant creativity, Beth


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