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Hello! As I have mentioned a while back I will be posting interviews of 3 artists. I am happy to introduce to you the first interview by Henrietta Job. I just love her work!! I had to post all the paintings that she sent me! I hope you enjoy her paintings and interview as much as I do!

Henrietta Job


How does my creative process work?

My painting has to be very flexible. My time to work is sneaked into little pockets  around home educating two of my kids, caring for my baby, and mothering a teen, its not easy to get long uninterrupted sessions at the easel!!

If my baby is sleeping, I can sometimes work with older ones popping in and out, and enjoy being ‘an inspiring mum’ for them to emulate. The trouble is, they often want to start painting with me, which, while lovely is often quite time consuming.

I like to have a while to settle in…to potter about with a cup of tea, sorting through my paintings, getting out my paints, sitting quietly in a corner just breathing out of my busy life and into a calmer creative space.

I use acrylic paints, layering them up in a free and intuitive way so that I never know the what the outcome will be when I start.

To begin with I just choose two or three similar hues, for example red, orange, yellow and splash them onto the canvas, dripping, spraying with water, having fun. Often I have several paintings on the go at once, so I can switch between them while one dries.

I really do try to drop into a space where I am not thinking, and choose my colours from a gut feeling rather than rationally deciding what would be best.

As the painting progresses, I add images, keep making a variety of marks, using different tools and techniques, often changing the whole appearance of the painting if it does not ‘sing’ to me.  Sometimes a painting will just not excite me, and I will set it aside for a while, sometimes weeks. Then, one day I will bring it out, and  splash some paint around, pick out a little corner of colour, or image which draws me in, and work with that.

Sometimes I use Pinterest for images of particular things I want to include, often I will spot a picture in one of my kid’s picture books which I will pull out for inspiration. My eyes are always open for  images, shapes, colours, and spotting an exciting combination colours and forms in nature can be as important as visiting art galleries.

Henrietta Job

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Everyone is different! Everyone has their own techniques and methods, but I think that the way I  work now, intuitively, freely and spontaneously is what what could potentially be different from some acrylic based artists. Like Janine, I have Flora Bowley to thank for this liberating way of expressing what is in me, and letting it flow through me. I don’t get in the way of myself anymore!!


What am I working on now?

I am just having a couple of weeks off to concentrate on home education and some writing work!! I have just finished 11 paintings for an exhibition in my local town, which was very exciting and very tough time wise.

I have another exhibition planned for the New Year, but I am going to give myself some unpressurized playing time next, without being too driven about producing ‘saleable’  work. Experimentation with different textures, possibly different, mixed media, developing a daily practice of mark making and colour work.

I am also working on getting my work online!! I currently write a blog which includes arty stuff, but am concentrating on getting a website up and running for people to view and buy my work and find out the stories behind it!


Henrietta JobWhy do I do what I do?

I have always created art, but as a fairly ‘academically gifted’ child was very firmly steered away from creativity at school, ‘a waste of my brains’ it was described. I was encouraged to see it as a little hobby, and it has taken me a long time to step into my power and reclaim what is my birthright, to paint, to make and to write.

I think that the death of my seven year old daughter Lily five years ago has had a huge impact on my allowing myself to finally do what I feel passionate about. In losing her I was not only reminded of the fragility and temporary nature of our physical bodies (so live as if today were my last!) but also feel that I owe it to her to be the best I can. I am serving no one by avoiding my true path in life and hiding behind the needs of others. For a  long time I thought I was being ‘good’ by doing what others expected me to do, and hid my life’s work behind the domestic demands of life with children. But how many others can one person please? Only me!! I feel that Lily is behind me brushing my fingertips with her wings as I work, she knows its the right thing to do.

And I love to paint, that spine tingling moment when the right combination of colours appears and I know ‘this is it’. By painting in this way, and sharing my story of how I overcame self doubt and self sabotage I hope to inspire others to do the same, and I hope my paintings create joy too!!


You can keep up with Henrietta’s art and what she is doing on her FB page:

You can learn more about Henrietta through her blog at: http://angelwingsandherbtea.wordpress.com 

Henrietta Job Henrietta Job

4 thoughts on “Featured Artist Henrietta Job

  1. Margarita Warner

    Hi Henrrieta! I personaly love the way you write and express all those emotions of an everiday working as an artist at home and been a mother.
    Its sound very easy sometimes but I know is a big chalenge, I fell very conected to you in all your tale.and Thanks to You and to Jannine also for sharing interviews with women that are like us. Is awesome to read inspiration lifes. It persuids us to follow our dreams and seee that we are not alone on them.

  2. Beth Figiel

    Henrietta Job interview was very moving and an important reminder to be and LIVE the REAL YOU!
    Thank you for sharing her story.


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