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What Defines Us?

rocks 2


What defines us? This past Sunday I was in my Shamanic class doing a journey. A Shamanic Journey is a way of finding answers, information, healing, wisdom and knowledge as well as guidance or help with one’s personal life. It’s a kind of meditation. What was revealed to me was that my divorce does not Define me. I say that with a capitol D because it hit home in a huge way. I started crying, wow, I was doing that, making that event in my life define me. I was feeling unwanted, unloved, ugly, not being enough, unworthy and so on. And you know what, those things are really not true. But it was in my head and I was making it real. Since then I have been thinking about what defines us as individuals. What makes us unique? I believe each person has something unique to share with the world. So what defines me? I got stuck, what does define me? Being a mother? Being an artist? I mentioned this to my mother and she said “my courage and dignity, not what happens to you. What we do to and with people and how we react to major things and daily things is what defines us.” Hmmm, that is where I started to struggle, doesn’t what happens to us make us who we are so doesn’t it define us? The good, the bad and the ugly? Maybe what she meant was how I respond or react to the divorce defines me not the divorce itself. Wow, I like that. So back to my question, what defines me? What defines you? I would love to hear from you. As for me, I am still thinking about it.

I took the photo of the affirmation rocks, I got some rocks from the beach and wrote on them my affirmations to help me with each day. They are in my studio reminding me to embrace life, believe in myself, to stay inspired and to inspire others, to breath when things get tough, to trust in myself, be grateful, let go, to continue to learn and discover new things, that I am enough and that I am strong and can make it no matter what happens to me.


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Featured Artist Henrietta Job

Hello! As I have mentioned a while back I will be posting interviews of 3 artists. I am happy to introduce to you the first interview by Henrietta Job. I just love her work!! I had to post all the paintings that she sent me! I hope you enjoy her paintings and interview as much as I do!

Henrietta Job


How does my creative process work?

My painting has to be very flexible. My time to work is sneaked into little pockets  around home educating two of my kids, caring for my baby, and mothering a teen, its not easy to get long uninterrupted sessions at the easel!!

If my baby is sleeping, I can sometimes work with older ones popping in and out, and enjoy being ‘an inspiring mum’ for them to emulate. The trouble is, they often want to start painting with me, which, while lovely is often quite time consuming.

I like to have a while to settle in…to potter about with a cup of tea, sorting through my paintings, getting out my paints, sitting quietly in a corner just breathing out of my busy life and into a calmer creative space.

I use acrylic paints, layering them up in a free and intuitive way so that I never know the what the outcome will be when I start.

To begin with I just choose two or three similar hues, for example red, orange, yellow and splash them onto the canvas, dripping, spraying with water, having fun. Often I have several paintings on the go at once, so I can switch between them while one dries.

I really do try to drop into a space where I am not thinking, and choose my colours from a gut feeling rather than rationally deciding what would be best.

As the painting progresses, I add images, keep making a variety of marks, using different tools and techniques, often changing the whole appearance of the painting if it does not ‘sing’ to me.  Sometimes a painting will just not excite me, and I will set it aside for a while, sometimes weeks. Then, one day I will bring it out, and  splash some paint around, pick out a little corner of colour, or image which draws me in, and work with that.

Sometimes I use Pinterest for images of particular things I want to include, often I will spot a picture in one of my kid’s picture books which I will pull out for inspiration. My eyes are always open for  images, shapes, colours, and spotting an exciting combination colours and forms in nature can be as important as visiting art galleries.

Henrietta Job

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Everyone is different! Everyone has their own techniques and methods, but I think that the way I  work now, intuitively, freely and spontaneously is what what could potentially be different from some acrylic based artists. Like Janine, I have Flora Bowley to thank for this liberating way of expressing what is in me, and letting it flow through me. I don’t get in the way of myself anymore!!


What am I working on now?

I am just having a couple of weeks off to concentrate on home education and some writing work!! I have just finished 11 paintings for an exhibition in my local town, which was very exciting and very tough time wise.

I have another exhibition planned for the New Year, but I am going to give myself some unpressurized playing time next, without being too driven about producing ‘saleable’  work. Experimentation with different textures, possibly different, mixed media, developing a daily practice of mark making and colour work.

I am also working on getting my work online!! I currently write a blog which includes arty stuff, but am concentrating on getting a website up and running for people to view and buy my work and find out the stories behind it!


Henrietta JobWhy do I do what I do?

I have always created art, but as a fairly ‘academically gifted’ child was very firmly steered away from creativity at school, ‘a waste of my brains’ it was described. I was encouraged to see it as a little hobby, and it has taken me a long time to step into my power and reclaim what is my birthright, to paint, to make and to write.

I think that the death of my seven year old daughter Lily five years ago has had a huge impact on my allowing myself to finally do what I feel passionate about. In losing her I was not only reminded of the fragility and temporary nature of our physical bodies (so live as if today were my last!) but also feel that I owe it to her to be the best I can. I am serving no one by avoiding my true path in life and hiding behind the needs of others. For a  long time I thought I was being ‘good’ by doing what others expected me to do, and hid my life’s work behind the domestic demands of life with children. But how many others can one person please? Only me!! I feel that Lily is behind me brushing my fingertips with her wings as I work, she knows its the right thing to do.

And I love to paint, that spine tingling moment when the right combination of colours appears and I know ‘this is it’. By painting in this way, and sharing my story of how I overcame self doubt and self sabotage I hope to inspire others to do the same, and I hope my paintings create joy too!!


You can keep up with Henrietta’s art and what she is doing on her FB page:

You can learn more about Henrietta through her blog at: 

Henrietta Job Henrietta Job

Evening Pages

Some of you have heard of morning pages, Its where you write 3 pages of anything that pops into you mind. Its a stream of consciousness writing. It’s done first thing in the morning. It give you clarity on problems or situations, it helps you figure things out and its for your eyes only. This concept comes from Julia Cameron and its in her book The Artist Way. You can find more about this by clicking here.

Well I made up my own term and practice and its helping me cope with my divorce. I do evening pages. I do write in my journal in the morning and I find it very helpful but I have found at the end of the day when I am tired my evening pages help me alot. It’s a black painted journal that I transformed. It helps me clear my mind about my divorce. I have now been officially divorced for 2 months. I guess I could call it my divorce pages but no, I like the sound of evening pages. I write in it every night, thoughts, feelings, a lot of feelings, ranting and also trying to figure out how to move on. In the beginning when I started writing in it I was very angry, I can’t even read it my emotions were so raw. Lots of shouting, cussing, blaming and hatred. “Why did he do this to us, to his family, how can you throw it away, we spent 20 years together growing together forming a life together to what… throw it all away? I got no closure and that part kills me” And I can say that was the nice version. Anyway I forgot to do it last night and I went to bed with all of these negative thoughts in my head. Kept me up for a while. Tonight I am back on track writing in my journal. One thing I have noticed, I am not playing the blame game as much, now I am trying to figure out how to move on, how to not be angry, how to live my life in peace and happiness, not hatred. I feel like I have come a long way. When this journal is complete I am going to burn it with close friends of mine. To release it all into the universe. I am done with these feelings and I am ready to move on.

Rising from the Dark 30x30"   $475









Rising From the Darkness

I felt this piece compliments my post beautifully. This piece represents me rising from all this, from this divorce, rising strong. Aho.

Art, Depression and Happiness

This past weekend I had a booth at a local art show. I ended up talking with an older gentleman about depression and how art saved him. I agreed with all that he said and realized that we went through the same thing. How amazing is it that Art can help your sanity, help you feel yourself again and not completely hopeless. How just by painting or drawing or writing or what ever you love to do, how just by doing that brings peace. What was different between us was that he didn’t need medication, me on the other hand… well, I am on a cocktail of meds that helped me get to the point to want to paint. To take that leap of faith and start putting paint to canvas, to start expressing myself and then started getting that desire to share it. The other interesting part was as I look back to other festivals I have done it never fails, I usually talk to someone who shares my story, who paints to remain sane. If I don’t paint or do something towards my love of painting I start getting grumpy and stagnant and I get this pull, this desire to paint and when I do all is good. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes my paintings… well most of the time my paintings go through that stage where I hate it and feel like I have no talent but working through that gives me such happiness. Going through depression is not fun and I am by no means saying its easy to get out of by just painting alone, it took me a while to get to that point, that point to challenge myself to paint. To get my hands dirty once again, I loved doing it many years ago why not do what my dream has been and to make a studio and start painting. Maybe that is what its all about, finding that thing in your life that makes you happy. What is that one thing that makes you… you. What makes you feel special, what is your fairy talent? And then you get married, have kids and maybe get divorced and life takes over, the day to day takes over. Its like we need to reboot, to shut down a little and restart up again and remember what brings us happiness and how can we bring more of that into our lives. Even if its only at night when the kids are in bed, or on weekends. I think we owe it to ourselves to make a  point to do more of what makes us happy. I would love to hear what makes you happy!! Peace to you all.















My latest piece, it started off with me not being happy with it and through out the piece I worked in it little by little not knowing what to do next and then it all just fell together for me.


I Am Enough

Am I Enough


I saw this image at the end of a Brene Brown video on vulnerability today. The video was introduced to me by the talented Alena Hennessy with whom I am taking an art business class from. It was a great talk about vulnerability and how we need to embrace it to be happy, to be creative, to live Whole Heartedly. She also talked about how that word brings up negative feelings to so many of us. “Vulnerability is the core of shame and fear and our struggle for worthiness BUT it appears its also the birthplace of joy, creativity, of belonging, of love.” Her talk got me thinking about vulnerability and weather or not I think I am enough. That statement… I Am Enough… really hit home. It has been a struggle especially after my divorce, I felt like I am not enough. Then I start thinking am I enough for my kids. But I guess it all boils down to Am I Enough to me because if I am not then how can I be enough to anyone else. wow what a statement those 3 words made. After pondering it some more, I do believe that I am enough for my kids and I do believe that I am enough for the world, if I didn’t then how could I dive into creativity the way I do. How could I think my work is worthy for all to see. You see, being creative to me is one of the ultimate vulnerabilities. I create, but its not just that, its putting a piece of me, of my soul of my existence into each piece. And then I put it out their to be judged and critiqued, to be liked or not. I have fears when I do that, being that vulnerable is not easy but having strength and support, that love really does help ease it. I would like to take this time to thank all of you who have been supporting me in my journey. I couldn’t of done it without you. Your support along with my desire to paint is the fuel that keeps me wanting to express more and to share more with the world. Aho


I was recently interviewed by Hobby Parent and you can find that interview on her blog, hereIts about me and my art. I was also asked to post 3 artists interviews on my blog. I will be posting them soon starting with Hobby! What a fun way to see someones process and learn why they do what they do and at the same time get introduced to other artists.  I am planning on posting her interview by the end of this week. Have a wonderful day!

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