Blooming True

cialis 5 generico It amazes me how certain people can be such huge influences in your life and at the same time you have never met. I have a tribe of those friendships, a group of women who are their for me creatively and personally. They mean the world to me, they are rock stars and I have not met any of them face to face. You see we all took this e-course by Flora Bowley. The course itself changed the way I paint and how I look at painting. I now paint larger, and more from the heart. I learned how to let go, paint freely and be brave in my paintings. Flora is another one of those people that has influenced my life in such a way that amazes me, the way one person, one course can alter my path, my journey, my art.  Flora’s e-course introduced me to this amazing tribe of women I was talking about, we are from all over the world but we have many things in common and art is a big one. We are blooming together and are such amazing cheerleaders for each other. OK I am starting to get sappy, I just wanted to share this course with you, Flora will be doing another e-course starting Oct 13 and if your interested in checking it out click here. I will be taking the course again in October to help me grow some more. Before I go I just wanted to say one big Thank You to Flora and my Bloom True September 2013 Tribe. xoxoxo

viagra generico 50 mg italia pagamento online a Venezia PS! Flora is also doing a FREE BloomTrue Bootcamp and giving away spaces to her October e-course. Check it out! #bloomtruebootcamp

prezzo viagra generico 50 mg pagamento online a Bologna Photo from Flora Bowley’s site by Zipporah Lomax settingupspacex5001

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