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Step Away from the Canvas

It has been one of those weeks, I sit and stare at my work and I stare some more. Where is my desire to paint, where is my desire to create. It is not here this week. Then as I look at my painting I think… ICK! What is going on here, what can I do to fix it, what can I do to move it along. I don’t know. I leave it be for a few hours, a few days, I come back to it and ICK, the same thing. What do we do when we feel like nothing is working, like we have used up all of our talent, that maybe we have been fooling everyone and now the truth is going to come out, that we are not creative, not an artist. When I really think about it, it’s a silly thing to think but I think it. I think we all do at one point in our creative lives, and probably more than once. So what do I do when this happens?? Well I will tell you what I need to do. I need to get out, to step away from my canvas and go on a creative outing or just a regular outing, something to get my mind going. I did vent to my tribe of creative’s and as I was reminded that this happens to all of us and that I need to get out I realized how important it is to have that tribe and how important it is to get out and refill your bucket. So this Saturday I have planned to go to some galleries, fill my soul with art and beauty. Get out and have some fun, get away from the day to day. I would love to hear what you do to get out of a creative funk. How do you refill your soul?


Here is the piece that I have been struggling with, I look at it and see all that I hate and I am trying to find what I like but wow, what I don’t like really pops out to me. I am stopping myself from ranting and raging on about what is not working. 🙂


This piece I called done… but I am still not sure about it.


New Beginnings and Growth

Fall is starting to makes it arrival here in GA, the trees are starting to show their magical colors and the air is starting to get crisper. It’s by far my favorite time of year. Shedding the old to prepare for the new.

A weekend ago I burned my journal, the one I told you about in the blog called Evening pages. It was done and time to move on. The whole experience was amazing. My close friends were their holding space for me with such love. As I was getting ready to burn it, all of my emotions started bubbling over. I threw it in the fire and stared… I had an urge to grab it, I put so much time and soul into those pages. As I sat back and watched it was like a piece of me was burning and it felt well painful at first but then before my eyes the journal started puffing up to what looked like a beautiful flower and at that point I knew I was going to be OK. That part of my life is now over and it is time to move on. How refreshing. And to experience that with such love all around me was something I will not forget.

To go along with my rebirth I will be sharing the progress of a painting that I just finished called Growing, it’s a 30” x 30” canvas piece. What it means to me is freedom and growth. The small bird represents me, an old version of me, what I used to be, looking up at another version of me, the new me soaring. I feel like the small version of me is starting to get smaller and smaller inside and the part of me soaring is starting to take over. It’s a very exciting time, cleaning out the old and in a way starting my new life.

Thank you for holding space for me and letting me share this exciting time with you.































































Growing LR









My Search for Representation

Cards 1

I have already started taking you on my journey of being an artist, a mother, dealing with depression and divorce. I am now going to take you on my current journey of trying to find a gallery to represent me. Before I start I must acknowledge that I do have my abstract art at Synergy Fine Art Gallery in Rowswell GA. It’s a co-op gallery, which means, you pay for wall space, you then hang what you want on that wall. You need to participate in events and watching the gallery. Like other galleries they also take a percentage of your sales when you do sell a painting. Synergy has been very accommodating to me since I have not been able to participate in events and watching the gallery since I am a single mom. They are run by 2 amazing women who want to help local artist succeed.

I am currently on the search of finding a gallery that wants to represent me, By having an exhibit. My dream right now is to have a solo show which means only my work is on display. They also do group shows which have a few artists’ works on display and I would love that too! Most galleries plan a year in advance what exhibits they will have.

So what I have done is I made postcard size cards, had them printed at, on the front shows one of my pieces with name, size and medium. On the back is a bio about me and my work along with my contact information. I had 5 cards made with 5 different pieces. I then wrapped them up with ribbon and attached my business card to the back.

What I plan on doing with them is dropping them off at galleries that I think my work will fit. I also asked friends on FB to tell me of restaurants and coffee houses that display local artist. I am going to try them first. I was lucky and got a nice list of places to try.

So here we go! I am starting my search of representation and see if I can get my work on display at either a gallery, coffee shop or restaurant. When that happens I will let you know. Even if it doesn’t happen I will keep you posted. I dropped off one of my packets last week at a restaurant. I got a great response. Now we will see if it worked!

Wish me luck!!!

Cards 2Cards 3